The Big Sick: A Must Watch Romantic Comedy: Movie Review

The Big Sick

The Big Sick is a romantic comedy that goes beyond the standard rom-com. The film is produced by Judd Apatow and stars the comedic Kumail Nanjiani (SNL) and Zoe Kazan (Revolutionary Road). The story centers on the actual life of Kumail and his wife. It’s a story filled with charm, sadness, and comedy. The film drew much praise from the art house community. Nanjiani plays a character that is drawn from his real life.

The story begins with Nanjiani as an Uber driver, who is also starting out as a Chicago comic. His comedy career is falling flat. During one of his comedy performances, he is heckled by Emily, who later agrees to go home with him. The Big Sick manages to deliver a story with strong performances from both Nanjiani and Kazan.

The two main characters come with two unique life experiences. Nanjiani’s family is strict Muslim and follows the strict culture rules. Kumail’s family even introduces him to an available Pakistani at each family dinner. Emily meanwhile was teased in school and has an ex-husband. Kumail considers introducing her to his parents but knows that he will be shunned if he does that. He decides against it, which angers Emily and they end up breaking up.

Emily then contracts an unknown infection, which causes her to go into a medically induced coma. This leads to Kumail meeting Emily’s parents, who are played by Holly Hunter and Ray Romano. Kumail spends the day waiting to hear whether Emily will be okay or not okay. This film reinforces how precious life is and the realization that it could end at any time. Ray Romano manages to add to the emotional tug of the film.

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This true story turns the film into a serious but funny romantic comedy. The film even manages to make jokes involving ISIS, Forrest Gump, and the X-Files as well as other pop culture references. The film directed by Showalter is strengthened by the top-notch talents and the ability to create emotional scenes that are mixed with a little bit of comedy. This is probably one of his best films to date. Some have even considered this to be Oscar worthy.

Judd Apatow succeeded in finding a true story that can be duplicated on the big screen, without losing any of the raw emotion of the story. The film was a major success at different film festivals. The film also analyzes interracial relationships and their impact on immigrant families.

This is definitely a kind of film worth watching. While a tearjerker, it also has its comedic moments. Showalter succeeds in delivering a unique romantic comedy. The film has made everyone involved Oscar-worthy, from the main actors all the way to the director and producer. It’s a nice touch at the end to see the real Emily shown throughout the credits. Kumail is brave enough to open up his life to the public without hesitation. The Big Sick succeeds in telling a true to life story that many would find interesting.

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