Jordan Peele’s Get Out (2017) Is A Must Watch: Movie Review

Having dated for a while, Rose and Chris get to the meet-the-parents stage to further strengthen their relationship. The venue is Rose’s parent’s house. In Get Out, Chris is happy to meet her parents Missy and Dean on his arrival. Their overly warm welcome ticks off his curiosity, but he waves it off as their own way of trying to make him feel at home due to his race. Not too long, he begins to experience strange events that are overwhelmingly disturbing.

Get Out

• Storyline

Peele scores good points for telling a story as sensitive as race in an almost fun way. Ordinarily, conversations about a movie with such a controversial theme would raise strong emotions in people, but his use of satire is a good distraction that doesn’t entirely take away the message of the movie but makes it less confrontational.

The movie deserves an applause for successfully combining contradicting genres like horror and comedy together. Horror movies are mostly popular for their portrayal of scary looking creatures to instill fear in the viewer. It’s amazing how, in this movie, the viewer is made to feel the horror without the many exaggerations common with horror movies. The viewer gets a chance to laugh right after a frightening scene.

• Plot

Jordan did a great job with creating suspense in the movie. One can hardly predict what will happen next. The viewer is in for unexpected twists and turns, making them jump off their sit either out of fear or excitement. But with so much tension building up throughout the movie, one would expect a vivid explanation of a cause and effect relationship. Not much is done to reveal the causes of the tension.

• Aesthetics

This is one movie that looks easy on the eyes. Its various film components such as cinematography, photography, and soundtrack are in sync to complement the story. Unlike most movies where the technical aspects look good on some scenes and not so good on others, they remain consistent throughout the movie. The beautiful images make the horror elements in the movie less terrifying, giving way for a little onscreen relaxation.

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• Casting

Watching the movie, one can’t think of actors who could have done a better job. It feels like each role was specifically written for the actors.

British Actor Daniel Kaluuya (Chris) is in good form as he depicts different actions, switching from one emotion to another in line with the mood of the scenes. One minute he appears calm, and the next, he’s convincingly aggressive.

Allison Williams (Rose) proves that she’s no pushover in her role as the white girlfriend used by her parents to lure black victims into their trap. Her feigned ignorance of the strange events, in the beginning, is so convincing – the viewer is shocked to later find out that she’s been part of her parent’s plan from the onset.

Betty Gabriele’s performance as the housekeeper Georgina deserves a mention. Her character is one that’s hard to forget, and it certainly has to do with the way she delivered it.

This is one movie that deserves all the accolades it’s getting especially for a directorial debut. It’s obvious that Peele did his homework well before embarking on this project. He tells not just an interesting story, but one that’s timely, in a refreshingly strong narrative.

Slender Man Upcoming Horror Movie Trailer Review

The Slender Man is an urban legend who preyed on children and made them insane. many real and grisly happenings have been attributed to this man. In an unfortunate event in Wisconsin, two 12-year-old girls claiming that they wanted to be proxies for this mythical creature, stabbed their friend 19 times. The Slender Man is also said to have inspired arson and suicide attempts, especially in South Dakota. This urban legend was first introduced to the online world in 2009 on the Something Awful forums during the Photoshop challenge thread. The Slender Man has the familiar shape and iconography but has an unsettling way in which he appears. This makes him more disturbing than the common monsters we often come across.
Slender Man

The Trailer

David Birk writes the film and it is directed by Sylvain White, The Urban legend was brought to life by Eric Knudsen. The events take place in Massachusetts after four girls in their teens, trying to invalidate the Slender Man myth, performing a ritual. This opens up the town to unseen terrors as one of them goes missing, confirming their fear that the Slender Man is real and may be coming for them. The film is set to be released on May 18, 2018. The film is developed by Sony Pictures and will be released by Screen Gems. The trailer, which has already been released online, gives a brief view of the scary things to expect in the movie. We are shown some of the powers that the Slender Man posses. The images are creepy as the Slender Man can rattle doors and make people jerk their heads at a fast pace. There are also scenes with maggots and weird things crawling out of a girl’s face. The Slender Man became a hype online in 2014 and a poem was created “Beware the Slender Man and make sure the nurse checks/For when he’s inside you, you’ll deface some Perspex.” The poem is recited in one of the scenes as seen from the trailer.


The movie seems to be bringing the mythical creature to life by using the pre-existing perspective that the Slender Man can control humans. There is a lot of stabbing, missing children, and young girls that may be a representation of the Wisconsin stabbing. Given that the movie is set to be released just around the time of the stabbing incident anniversary, questions arise on the production’s team’s sense of responsibility. The fact that it some-what mirrors real-life events may not sit well with many people especially the victims and their families. The trailer has blunt parallels and does not reveal the movie’s plot. It feels like the trailer was released too soon without much planning. It seems to rely on the hyped Slender Man online stories and the Wisconsin stabbing.
The trailer is generic and makes the movie feel like a bid for popularity. However, it might be worth it if you are looking for the casual chills and horrors and a little bit of scream for your vocals.

The Post- A Film That Will Stay Relevant For Years To Come


The Post has become one of the year’s most relevant films. The Post starring Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep as heads of the Washington Post shows the responsibility the media has when it comes to keeping the government in check. The film comes during the time that the U.S. president is blasting the media, while they hold the president accountable for his “alternative facts.” The film also prides itself on the great acting of Bradley Whitford and Bob Odenkirk.

The Post is set in 1971 as Washington Post publisher is battling over whether to publish what has become known as the Pentagon Papers, which were documents regarding the Vietnam War which was leaked by Daniel Ellsberg. The highlight of those documents showed the world that President Kennedy knew the war was unwinnable, but still sent troops to Vietnam. The New York Times was actually the first to publish some of the documents.

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President Nixon halted the Times release of the documents, claiming it was a matter of national security. This allowed the Post to catch up and publish some of the other documents. The film’s only suspense comes in Ellsberg decision to steal and leak the documents. The Post is a story that is enticing enough to keep any moviegoer tied to their seat. The story is mainly focused on Streep’s character who was looked down on as a woman and never before had to make such a controversial decision, going against the U.S. government.

>Meryl Streep once again shined as she always does in the movies she accepts a role in. Spielberg managed to keep the camera a safe distance away from her, without ruining the storyline. Streep soars as she downplays her character with a soft voice. It’s a match made in heaven, with Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep together on the same side of the story.

Steven Spielberg managed to tell a story, that didn’t intrude on All the President’s Men which focused on the Washington Post’s coverage of another major government scandal. The Post manages to tell a story successfully, while making a case for a free press. Tom Hanks gave a strong performance as Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, complete with an aged styled voice. What many people do not realize is that Spielberg crafted this film, out of boredom and the need to something, after he finished up his upcoming science fiction film Ready Player One. Despite all that, he delivered a powerful drama.

For those who love historical dramas, The Post is one to definitely check out. The film shows you how far a newspaper would go to protect the right to a free press. The Post tells a story that happened years ago, but is still relevant in today’s world. The film runs on all cylinders, delivering a strong story told through strong acting and a well-written script. The Post shows the world, which the people deserve to know the truth of what is really going on in their government. The film has a running time of 115 minutes and is rated PG-13 for language and some violence.

A Ghost Story (2017): Movie Review & Summary

Untrue to its name, A Ghost Story is not your typical horror film as seen by many of the recent ghost movies in theatres. The movie tells the story of a young couple, composer “C” and his wife “M.” The two are inexplicably tied to a house which “M” wishes to leave as soon as possible. A ghost attaches itself to them and follows them as all three grieve and morn together.

A Ghost Story

Telling It All While Not Telling It All

Director Nick Riganas expresses that the trailer of the movie tells everything while also telling the audience nothing at all. From the very first scene of the movie, a ghost dressed in the stereo-typical white sheet with hole-cut-outs for eyes is present and following the young couple around. The ghost consistently interacts with the couple throughout the trailer, standing over “C” while he works or even touching “M” while she lays and cries. But the cause of the ghost’s affection and attachment are as unknown as the reason the couple is grieving. Riganas describes what can be called the main theme song of the piece “Overwhelmed” as hinting to the emotional heaviness throughout the film.

Actors Casey Affleck as “C” and Rooney Mara as “M,” who had previously worked with the director being the perfect depth to his characters throughout this story which could be interpreted as both extremely dry and without an emotional capacity for anything but sadness and despair. What had critics raving is the director’s choice cover one of the most critically acclaimed actors of our time under the sheet for the entire movie.

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Taking from the famous A Haunted House by Virginia Woolf, Riganas creates a bookend plot that leaves a great deal open to interpretation. The stories theme hints at a new way of looking at the grieving process from the other side making the ghost character the center of the story and the two lead characters the ones being viewed. As the story progresses, the audience learns that there is unrest between the couple with which the phantom cannot assist. Eventually, “C” and “M” leave the house in their own time, while the phantom is left behind with the land and the house alone.

What makes this movie so powerful and true to Riganas’ intentions is the lack of any horror’esque qualities and special effects. Since the movie focuses on people and relationships from this world to the next, Riganas was left to walk a fine line of standard expectations of ghost films compared to this innovative story. To watch this movie for free, download ShowBox app to enjoy A Ghost Story without any ads or streaming issues. Although there are several points in the film that beg to have more ironic dark humor, Riganas avoids clichés and cheesy effects through his choice of shots and camera angles that bring a sense of reality to the scenes. The music in the film is the lifesaver helping the audience observe the weight of sadness while staying away from any inclinations that this can quickly turn into a horror/slasher film.

The film won several local awards including the Boston Society of Film Critics and the Deauville Film Festival. Only receiving a nomination for the Sundance Film Festival, perhaps the film seeks to give too detailed and eery look at the afterlife and what it means to truly leave those who we love behind.

The Big Sick: A Must Watch Romantic Comedy: Movie Review

The Big Sick

The Big Sick is a romantic comedy that goes beyond the standard rom-com. The film is produced by Judd Apatow and stars the comedic Kumail Nanjiani (SNL) and Zoe Kazan (Revolutionary Road). The story centers on the actual life of Kumail and his wife. It’s a story filled with charm, sadness, and comedy. The film drew much praise from the art house community. Nanjiani plays a character that is drawn from his real life.

The story begins with Nanjiani as an Uber driver, who is also starting out as a Chicago comic. His comedy career is falling flat. During one of his comedy performances, he is heckled by Emily, who later agrees to go home with him. The Big Sick manages to deliver a story with strong performances from both Nanjiani and Kazan.

The two main characters come with two unique life experiences. Nanjiani’s family is strict Muslim and follows the strict culture rules. Kumail’s family even introduces him to an available Pakistani at each family dinner. Emily meanwhile was teased in school and has an ex-husband. Kumail considers introducing her to his parents but knows that he will be shunned if he does that. He decides against it, which angers Emily and they end up breaking up.

Emily then contracts an unknown infection, which causes her to go into a medically induced coma. This leads to Kumail meeting Emily’s parents, who are played by Holly Hunter and Ray Romano. Kumail spends the day waiting to hear whether Emily will be okay or not okay. This film reinforces how precious life is and the realization that it could end at any time. Ray Romano manages to add to the emotional tug of the film.

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This true story turns the film into a serious but funny romantic comedy. The film even manages to make jokes involving ISIS, Forrest Gump, and the X-Files as well as other pop culture references. The film directed by Showalter is strengthened by the top-notch talents and the ability to create emotional scenes that are mixed with a little bit of comedy. This is probably one of his best films to date. Some have even considered this to be Oscar worthy.

Judd Apatow succeeded in finding a true story that can be duplicated on the big screen, without losing any of the raw emotion of the story. The film was a major success at different film festivals. The film also analyzes interracial relationships and their impact on immigrant families.

This is definitely a kind of film worth watching. While a tearjerker, it also has its comedic moments. Showalter succeeds in delivering a unique romantic comedy. The film has made everyone involved Oscar-worthy, from the main actors all the way to the director and producer. It’s a nice touch at the end to see the real Emily shown throughout the credits. Kumail is brave enough to open up his life to the public without hesitation. The Big Sick succeeds in telling a true to life story that many would find interesting.

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