Jordan Peele’s Get Out (2017) Is A Must Watch: Movie Review

Having dated for a while, Rose and Chris get to the meet-the-parents stage to further strengthen their relationship. The venue is Rose’s parent’s house. In Get Out, Chris is happy to meet her parents Missy and Dean on his arrival. Their overly warm welcome ticks off his curiosity, but he waves it off as their own way of trying to make him feel at home due to his race. Not too long, he begins to experience strange events that are overwhelmingly disturbing.

Get Out

• Storyline

Peele scores good points for telling a story as sensitive as race in an almost fun way. Ordinarily, conversations about a movie with such a controversial theme would raise strong emotions in people, but his use of satire is a good distraction that doesn’t entirely take away the message of the movie but makes it less confrontational.

The movie deserves an applause for successfully combining contradicting genres like horror and comedy together. Horror movies are mostly popular for their portrayal of scary looking creatures to instill fear in the viewer. It’s amazing how, in this movie, the viewer is made to feel the horror without the many exaggerations common with horror movies. The viewer gets a chance to laugh right after a frightening scene.

• Plot

Jordan did a great job with creating suspense in the movie. One can hardly predict what will happen next. The viewer is in for unexpected twists and turns, making them jump off their sit either out of fear or excitement. But with so much tension building up throughout the movie, one would expect a vivid explanation of a cause and effect relationship. Not much is done to reveal the causes of the tension.

• Aesthetics

This is one movie that looks easy on the eyes. Its various film components such as cinematography, photography, and soundtrack are in sync to complement the story. Unlike most movies where the technical aspects look good on some scenes and not so good on others, they remain consistent throughout the movie. The beautiful images make the horror elements in the movie less terrifying, giving way for a little onscreen relaxation.

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• Casting

Watching the movie, one can’t think of actors who could have done a better job. It feels like each role was specifically written for the actors.

British Actor Daniel Kaluuya (Chris) is in good form as he depicts different actions, switching from one emotion to another in line with the mood of the scenes. One minute he appears calm, and the next, he’s convincingly aggressive.

Allison Williams (Rose) proves that she’s no pushover in her role as the white girlfriend used by her parents to lure black victims into their trap. Her feigned ignorance of the strange events, in the beginning, is so convincing – the viewer is shocked to later find out that she’s been part of her parent’s plan from the onset.

Betty Gabriele’s performance as the housekeeper Georgina deserves a mention. Her character is one that’s hard to forget, and it certainly has to do with the way she delivered it.

This is one movie that deserves all the accolades it’s getting especially for a directorial debut. It’s obvious that Peele did his homework well before embarking on this project. He tells not just an interesting story, but one that’s timely, in a refreshingly strong narrative.

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