Slender Man Upcoming Horror Movie Trailer Review

The Slender Man is an urban legend who preyed on children and made them insane. many real and grisly happenings have been attributed to this man. In an unfortunate event in Wisconsin, two 12-year-old girls claiming that they wanted to be proxies for this mythical creature, stabbed their friend 19 times. The Slender Man is also said to have inspired arson and suicide attempts, especially in South Dakota. This urban legend was first introduced to the online world in 2009 on the Something Awful forums during the Photoshop challenge thread. The Slender Man has the familiar shape and iconography but has an unsettling way in which he appears. This makes him more disturbing than the common monsters we often come across.
Slender Man

The Trailer

David Birk writes the film and it is directed by Sylvain White, The Urban legend was brought to life by Eric Knudsen. The events take place in Massachusetts after four girls in their teens, trying to invalidate the Slender Man myth, performing a ritual. This opens up the town to unseen terrors as one of them goes missing, confirming their fear that the Slender Man is real and may be coming for them. The film is set to be released on May 18, 2018. The film is developed by Sony Pictures and will be released by Screen Gems. The trailer, which has already been released online, gives a brief view of the scary things to expect in the movie. We are shown some of the powers that the Slender Man posses. The images are creepy as the Slender Man can rattle doors and make people jerk their heads at a fast pace. There are also scenes with maggots and weird things crawling out of a girl’s face. The Slender Man became a hype online in 2014 and a poem was created “Beware the Slender Man and make sure the nurse checks/For when he’s inside you, you’ll deface some Perspex.” The poem is recited in one of the scenes as seen from the trailer.


The movie seems to be bringing the mythical creature to life by using the pre-existing perspective that the Slender Man can control humans. There is a lot of stabbing, missing children, and young girls that may be a representation of the Wisconsin stabbing. Given that the movie is set to be released just around the time of the stabbing incident anniversary, questions arise on the production’s team’s sense of responsibility. The fact that it some-what mirrors real-life events may not sit well with many people especially the victims and their families. The trailer has blunt parallels and does not reveal the movie’s plot. It feels like the trailer was released too soon without much planning. It seems to rely on the hyped Slender Man online stories and the Wisconsin stabbing.
The trailer is generic and makes the movie feel like a bid for popularity. However, it might be worth it if you are looking for the casual chills and horrors and a little bit of scream for your vocals.
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