The Post- A Film That Will Stay Relevant For Years To Come


The Post has become one of the year’s most relevant films. The Post starring Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep as heads of the Washington Post shows the responsibility the media has when it comes to keeping the government in check. The film comes during the time that the U.S. president is blasting the media, while they hold the president accountable for his “alternative facts.” The film also prides itself on the great acting of Bradley Whitford and Bob Odenkirk.

The Post is set in 1971 as Washington Post publisher is battling over whether to publish what has become known as the Pentagon Papers, which were documents regarding the Vietnam War which was leaked by Daniel Ellsberg. The highlight of those documents showed the world that President Kennedy knew the war was unwinnable, but still sent troops to Vietnam. The New York Times was actually the first to publish some of the documents.

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President Nixon halted the Times release of the documents, claiming it was a matter of national security. This allowed the Post to catch up and publish some of the other documents. The film’s only suspense comes in Ellsberg decision to steal and leak the documents. The Post is a story that is enticing enough to keep any moviegoer tied to their seat. The story is mainly focused on Streep’s character who was looked down on as a woman and never before had to make such a controversial decision, going against the U.S. government.

>Meryl Streep once again shined as she always does in the movies she accepts a role in. Spielberg managed to keep the camera a safe distance away from her, without ruining the storyline. Streep soars as she downplays her character with a soft voice. It’s a match made in heaven, with Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep together on the same side of the story.

Steven Spielberg managed to tell a story, that didn’t intrude on All the President’s Men which focused on the Washington Post’s coverage of another major government scandal. The Post manages to tell a story successfully, while making a case for a free press. Tom Hanks gave a strong performance as Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, complete with an aged styled voice. What many people do not realize is that Spielberg crafted this film, out of boredom and the need to something, after he finished up his upcoming science fiction film Ready Player One. Despite all that, he delivered a powerful drama.

For those who love historical dramas, The Post is one to definitely check out. The film shows you how far a newspaper would go to protect the right to a free press. The Post tells a story that happened years ago, but is still relevant in today’s world. The film runs on all cylinders, delivering a strong story told through strong acting and a well-written script. The Post shows the world, which the people deserve to know the truth of what is really going on in their government. The film has a running time of 115 minutes and is rated PG-13 for language and some violence.

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